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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In Honor of Martin Luther King

We All Have A Dream

We all have a dream.
Mine is that one day,
all God’s children
will stand on the mountain peak
and speak with one voice
so that the world will have no choice,
but to hear that we are tired of the violence,
we are tired of the fear!
We are tired of the bruises,
we are tired of the misery,
and like Martin Luther King,
we just want to be free!
Free from the pain,
free from the apathy,
free from child abuse
and tyranny.
Free from injustice,
free from cruelty,
for we’re all God’s children
and we deserve to be
free from the chains of this indignity!

© 2008 Susan Maree Jeavons-All Rights Reserved
Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Courage In Patience

A life-long writer and self-described "agent for social change", Beth Fehlbaum, a survivor of sexual abuse, describes Courage in Patience as "all of our story." She draws on her own experiences as an English teacher in developing the lesson plan used by the character Beverly to teach her summer English class. With encouragement from author Chris Crutcher, Beth Fehlbaum weaves the important messages found in his novel, Ironman, into her own original story.

Accomplishments: M.Ed. in Reading; B.A. in English -emphasis Writing, minor in Secondary Education - emphasis Language Arts.
Who's Who Among American Teachers

This touching and inspiring story was written with teens in mind, but it is much more than a YA novel. The emotions and lessons will resonate with adults as well, and the manner in which the subject matter of sexual abuse is dealt with is equally appropriate for both a teen and an adult audience. The content is never graphic or disturbing, showing the emotional devastation caused by such abuse without going into great detail about the physical aspects of the sexual attacks. The themes of abuse, social injustice, racism, peer pressure, bullying, parental responsibility, fear, forgiveness, love, acceptance, and hope will strike a chord in the hearts of readers young and old alike.

Beth Fehlbaum, author, Courage in Patience
Kunati Books, ISBN # 978-1-60164-156-4
Available on Amazon and in bookstores, September,2008


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year!

I am sorry I have not posted anything in so long. I have had many problems with my computer and can't always log on. I also had my passwords stolen and had to go through all kinds of stuff to get new ones. My new email address is

I will try to get a new article ready to post soon. I hope you all are doing OK.

Susan Maree