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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

C.A.R.E.-Child Abuse Robs Everyone

An Idealist’s View
© 2006 Susan Maree Jeavons-All Rights Reserved

Lately, I have pondered on what child abuse really does. Not only does it scar the victim, but it scars society. We can see its endless trail of destruction everywhere we look.

A child who has been abused may grow up having a different impression of life than someone who grew up in a loving home. They may be hypersensitive and/or view others with suspicion and caution. They may feel anger, resentment and even rage towards a society that has failed to protect them. They may withdraw from society because of fear and depression. Or, they may fight back by harming themselves and others.

Our jails and prisons are filled with the human wreckage of child abuse. Many of these criminals were abused as children. Many grew up to become abusers in one way or another, raping, robbing and wreaking havoc in our communities. Some turn to prostitution or drugs. Still, the full scope of the complications of child abuse are somewhat immeasurable. Its poison has seeped into every corner of society. Yet instead of trying to find solutions to this canker that destroys the spirit of our youth, society has become hyper-violent. In fact, we glamorize violence!

Today’s young people view more violence on TV, the Internet, their games, and even in their schools, than any generation before them. Violent youth gangs have infected almost every town in America. Young people are told that gangs are cool, and are encouraged to join. Many join because they want to feel like they belong, or because they need to be valued for something, even if that something is violence.

Children who have been, or are being abused, may see all this as proof that no one really cares enough to do something to end the violence. But change is needed now! We must care enough to voice our opposition to violence in the media and our communities. We must care enough to teach our children that violence is wrong. We must care enough to turn off the TV, take away the violent games, and take back our cities and towns. We must care enough to stop spoiling our children and start teaching them that they have to work for what they want. We must care enough to stop using our hands to harm, and instead, start extending our hands to help those who need help.

Teaching children the difference between right and wrong may be a basic lesson, yet we have failed to do so adequately. Parenting classes should be mandatory for all high school students. So should relaxation therapy, religious and racial tolerance classes, and self-control classes. Giving our children the education to succeed not only financially in life, but personally and spiritually, will hopefully lead to a society that values its children and life itself, more.
Love means caring enough to not only speak out, but to reach out and hold on, and never give up hope or the belief, that all children deserve to live in a violence free world. Care enough , and it may even lead to world peace someday…