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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

To our friends and family, Sid's cancer is in remission, (Praise the Lord!) but on Tuesday the 9th, I took him to Tri-point Hospital with pneumonia. His VA doctor said to go to the nearest emergency room instead of going all the way to Cleveland. Then on Saturday the 13th, my daughter took me to Tri-point with pneumonia! We both came home on Wednesday, and we are slowly getting better.

God's mercy and blessings are still at work in our lives, and we sure do appreciate all the prayers. As of Valentine's day, I no longer desire cigarettes! That's after over 40 years of a pack-three pack a day addiction. Just the fact that I get up in the morning and do NOT want a cigarette 1st thing, is amazing to me! But I don't. I know God took that burden away from me.

Please keep us both in your prayers and I will try to post updates as much as possible.
Love to all,
Susan Maree