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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I have been away too long. I just wanted to tell my friends that my email address has changed to:

Also, The Wordcharmer's Poetry site no longer exists. Geocities started charging for site and when I did not know this, removed the site. Maybe sometime I will create a new poetry site. But for now, I'll post here when I can.

I wanted to share a couple poems about Christmas and children. Please do not post these poems on other sites without my permission.

Parents, the greatest gifts that you can give your childen are your love, patience, understanding and kindness. In the end, that is what they will remember about Christmas, not the presents under the tree.

Merry Christmas to you all. Send me an email when you have time.
Blessings and Miracles,
Susan Maree

The Christmas Star

On a starry night in Bethlehem with angels gathered near
God sent a child to save us all; the chosen one so dear.
And on that night the brightest star shone down from up above
to light the way to peace on Earth, to goodness and to love.

The years went by and man forgot the promise that God made.
Greed, lust and evil reigned and the star began to fade,
until one night on Christmas Eve a child knelt down to pray
and she did not ask for toys or games as she wiped her tears away.

“Dear God, it is your birthday and I have no gift for you,
just a promise that I will be good, cause I know you want me to.
Sometimes it’s hard to do my best when I feel so very sad
or when my parents are mean to me because they say I’m bad.

I don’t mean to be a little brat like Mommy says I am
and Daddy always seems so mad when he screams bad words like “damn”.
So sometimes I just run and hide and kneel down here to pray
cause Grandma says you love me and protect me night and day.

So Happy Birthday Jesus and thank you for your love,
and for that pretty star I see that shines down from above.”
So this Christmas if you’re all alone and feeling sad and blue,
remember that you are God’s child and he gave his son for you.

The star still shines to light your way if ever you’re afraid.
Just call his name and he’ll be there and his love will never fade.

© 2003 Susan Maree Jeavons-All Rights Reserved

A New Night Before

‘Twas the night before Christmas, something wasn't right
the children weren't happy, ‘twas a very sad sight.
Santa was puzzled, Oh what could he do
for these innocent children he once thought he knew?
They didn't want dolls or wagons or toys,
they didn't even smile like most girls and boys.
They had bruises on their cheeks, tears in their eyes,
then Santa heard their whimpers, heard all their cries.
He'd been very busy, did not see the clues,
these sad little children had all been abused.
"How can I give them presents when they need so much more;
A safe place to sleep instead of the floor,
a full belly at night and parents who care,
how can I think of Christmas when this just isn't fair?"
He went right to work, with the help of his crew,
toiling all night until the great task was through.
Bright and early on Christmas, the children all rose
thinking that Santa cared not of their woes,
'til they looked near the tree and there in plain sight
was a letter to all parents in plain black and white:

"Dear Parents I've left no toys here today
but listen and heed these words that I say.
These children need more than presents this time.
I want you to know, ABUSE IS A CRIME!
A child isn't yours to do with as you please
children have rights, rights such as these:
the right to be healthy, not hungry and weak,
the right to be happy, the right just to speak.
Just like you and I, they have hopes and fears,
So I've brought a few presents, the first is their tears.
Please wipe them away, and calm them with a kiss.
Next is their hearts, something you sometimes miss.
Please handle them gently, for a child's heart will break,
and some scars never heal from your careless mistakes.
Next is their spirit and their inquisitive mind,
both fragile parts, so try to be kind.
Last are the souls, innocent and good,
placed in these children, so try if you could
to always be loving, patient and fair.
It's the gift they all asked for, so show them you care.
Each child is unique, has so much to give.
All they want is your love, a chance just to live.
Merry Christmas to all and to every girl and boy
a home filled with laughter, a home filled with joy.

© 1999 Susan Maree Jeavons-All Rights Reserved