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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


You can bully me, you can call me names,
You can try to hurt me by playing games,
You can tell your stories and spread your lies,
You can stab me in the back and listen to my cries.
But from this day forward I’ll stand up to you,
For I prayed to God and know what to do
I will hold my head high and even forgive you,
For my Father in heaven has inspired me to.
His love is all that I need today
and though you call me names, for you I’ll pray.
I’m a child of God, just like you,
And the blood of the Lamb has made me new.

© Wednesday, October 17, 2012~Susan Maree Jeavons~

I Dare To Dream

Someday I dream
that my children’s daughters and sons
will no longer have to worry
about wars with bombs and guns.
For I dare to dream of peace.
I dare to anticipate
that the world will someday soon
be void of terror and hate.
I dare to see a day
when there is true equality
and no man will be condemned
for his color or theology.
I dare to picture a world
where hunger does not exist,
a world where’s there’s no abuse
and corruption does not subsist.
You may call me a “bleeding heart,”
or an idealist-that’s okay,
but still I dare to dream
that my dream will be real someday.

© 2004 Susan Maree Jeavons
Tuesday, June 08, 2004