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Monday, March 03, 2014

The Child Within



A Mother’s Role
Her life is a maze of giggles and screams.
She administers kisses and hugs before dreams.
Her children are lovable and yet naughty too,
and she settles their squabbles like most mothers do
From morning to night time she rushes around
from the grocery store to the school’s lost and found.
She cleans and she cooks and she catches her breath
as she fixes them lunch since they’re “starving to death!”
She teaches them games and riddles and such,
and at night she reads stories which they love so much.
Sometimes she is ready to pull her hair out,
till a little child smiles, then she knows what it’s about.
Being a mom, though it’s a job underpaid,
and often unnoticed, without accolade,
is the only job that makes her feel whole,
a role that she cherishes with her heart and soul.
July 27, 2004-11:35 AM © 2004 Susan Maree Jeavons

Grand Adventures

Sweet summer time tales
and adventurous schemes
are created from hopes
and fairytale dreams
of little ones
who play and roam
and fancy running
far from home,
fancy running
far from home…

© 2004 Susan Maree Jeavons
Recycled Dragons

Today I built a castle
with an empty cardboard box,
then I built a moat around it
with books and building blocks.
Then I crawled inside and waited
for a dragon to appear,
‘cause I’m a knight in shining armor!
There is nothing that I fear!
With a little imagination
and a pencil as my aide,
I will slay the mighty dragon,
and I will not be afraid!
All at once a ferocious dragon
by the name of “ This Side Up”
blew red, hot flames right at me,
nearly burned my castle up!
So I grabbed my sword and shield
when that monster showed his face!
I seized him by his nostrils
and I started to erase!
At last I was a hero
so I tore the castle down
and threw the dragon in the box
and recycled him up town!

© 2002 Susan Maree Jeavons

Tuesday, June 29, 2004