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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

God Save The Children...

I Submitted this letter to CNN on Sunday, May 16, 2010. I've received no reply so far.

I am a 60-year-old survivor of childhood sexual abuse. As a former feature writer at, I’ve written many articles on the topic of child abuse and talked with hundreds of victim/survivors from all over the world. Their stories were hard to listen to, some even appalling. I thought that nothing else could shock me, until I tuned in to Headline News on CNN and saw the video of the 7-9-year-old girls dressed in skimpy outfits, dancing very seductively to Biance's song, “Single Ladies.”

Then I saw a show about toddler’s beauty pageants. These tiny human beings whose parents dressed them seductively, taught them to look sexy at the camera and make seductive dance moves for the adoring crowd, should be outside playing hopscotch, jump rope, riding bicycles, not parading their tiny bodies on stage. Some were as young as a year old. Most wore more makeup than I do in a week, and had hair extensions, false lashes, and bright lipstick. Who knows how many perverts were in the audience with camera phones waiting to send pictures to other pedophiles? Do they even care?

Then there is the Internet phenomenon of teens who are “sexting” nude pictures of themselves to boyfriends or other friends. Mind you, some of these teens are as young as 13-years-old. They don’t realize that once you post something on the Internet, it can travel all over the world, and it can ruin your life. Future employers, colleges, and someday, their own children, may find these nude pictures. Pedophiles may find these pictures, then may share it with other perverts.

Why do parents allow computers in their teens rooms, and allow them to have cameras that can take their pictures to send over the internet?

What is going on with the parents of today? Don't they see the news? Don't they remember the pervert in Florida that buried a little girl alive after molesting her? Don't they see the kidnappings, rapes and murders of little girls, boys and teens in the news? Are they too busy trying to survive in this economy that they don’t have time to know what is going on in their own homes? Are they so desperate for stardom that they allow their children to perform seductive dances in order to win a trophy and crown?

Someone has to save these little girls. Someone has to speak up for them! If we don‘t, what is next? I am afraid to even think about it. God save the children!

Write to me and let me know your opinion. And please….no profanity and no perverts. I will delete anything that is distasteful.

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